The City and Corporation of London launched a Climate Action Strategy in late 2020. It sets out a series of Actions in three areas to:

  • Support the achievement of net zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Build climate resilience
  • Champion sustainable growth

By then, we had already demonstrated commitment to promoting net zero carbon through our seminars such as this one on Net Zero Energy:

Alderman Alison Gowman was a key facilitator of the Climate Action Strategy, and in December 2020, reached out to a selection of the Livery Companies, including the Engineers, to explore whether the Livery Companies could support the City’s Climate Action Strategy, and how.

A seminar organised by the City of London Corporation on 26 January 2021 was designed to test whether there would be interest, and our Master, Gordon Masterton was requested to chair it.

Over 200 attended and multiple volunteers signed up to help. These offers crystallised into a Livery Climate Action Group with a series of workstreams for hall-owning and nomadic Companies. The initial topics chosen were: Investments, Property and a General overarching workstream with sub-groups for Education, Wider Influence, Drafting a Charter and actions aligned with COP26.

The Master is co-chairing the General Group with Alderman Gowman and is leading the drafting group for a possible Charter. The Senior and Middle Wardens are members of the Property Group. Other Companies involved include the Constructors, Water Conservators, Chartered Architects, Guild of Investment Managers, Merchant Taylors, Fuellers, Wax Chandlers, Chartered Surveyors, Investment Bankers, Gardeners, Information Technologists and others.

Soon after, the Company’s joint seminar with UKCRIC on Net Zero Infrastructure was presented by Dr Ana Mijic and Professor Jennifer Whyte of Imperial College:

A second LCAG seminar on the UN Sustainable Development Goals was organised on 15th April 2021, introduced by the Lord Mayor and with with speakers from the MacQuarie Green Investment Group. The Lord Mayor made it clear he will be “the green Lord Mayor”.

The Company, through its events and seminars has already supported the aims of the Livery Climate Action Group, and as COP26 approaches, we are likely to see guidance from the group to help all Companies decide how they will support the City of London Corporation Climate Action Strategy.

Gordon Masterton,