May got off to a storming start, both for me personally in representing our Livery, and for our Fellowship. Below are some of the events not reported in separate blogs (such as The Future of Air Vehicles).

My very first event, as a novice Master, was at the splendid Goldsmith’s Hall to witness the Trial of the Pyx, an ancient ceremony to ensure the integrity of the coins of the realm and of the Bank of England.  Fortunately the results were satisfactory!

This was followed by a lecture and reception hosted by the Educators on the evidence of the social impact and investment benefits of Cadet training, and a second reception hosted by the Spectacle Makers on the importance of ensuring the pathway between the eyes and brain is properly established at a very early age. Both events were highly informative.

The following day John and I visited the Old Bailey with a Past Masters’ Group, before departing for Sheffield as guests of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire. A wonderful event – there is so much overlap between the industry of the region interests and our engineering interests, that we had many delightful conversations.

Osborne House, Isle of Wight

We then ‘hot footed’ it back south for the first WCE regional visit – to the Isle of Wight. Here we visited Osborne House, enjoyed a wonderful informal dinner and  heritage walk.   During the walk we came across the history of Marconi and wireless communications, the site of the firing of the first anti-aircraft gun, the mysteries of the Old and New Batteries, a pathway dedicated to Hooke (of the Law fame) and a glorious walk on Tennyson Down. 26 had hoped to attend, but in the event Covid reduced our numbers by 6.  Sincere thanks go to Companion Jane Forrest for the many hours she spent walking and re-walking, the route, as well as planning the intricacies of travel and refreshments in an hospitality industry still struggling to recover from the pandemic.

Memorial to Alfred Lord Tennyson on Tennyson Down

Back in London, May continued with my attendance at the All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group along with Liveryman John Owen, where the topic was Space.  The event was specifically intended to encourage the involvement of  6th form students into Engineering. The same evening I represented the Company at the Clergy Support Trust Annual Charity Service, followed by dinner as a guest of the Tin Plate Workers. 

The following evening saw our first soiree of the Master’s year, by DNA Nudge, the MacRobert Winner in 2021, which our Engineers Trust jointly sponsors with the Royal Academy of Engineering.  This very impressive presentation can now be seen on our You Tube channel.

May concluded with participation in the Lady Masters Association ‘Slavery and the City’ walk – another highly informative event giving a fascinating insight to the City’s history.

Audrey Canning,

Master, The Worshipful Company of Engineers