Join the Company


We are the City of London Livery Company for members of the engineering profession who are on the way to achieving, or who have achieved, mastery and excellence within their profession.

Membership of the Company provides a link to the traditions and activities of the City of London and Livery movement, charitable activities including prizes and awards for engineers developing their careers, multi-disciplinary engineering activities and social events for members and partners.

Our membership is drawn from senior engineering professionals from industry and academia. We have a rich and varied programme of formal and informal social and business events and actively foster fellowship and discussion among members. Individuals who meet the criteria will also be asked to evidence their desire to promote the aims of the Company and participate in its professional, social and charitable activities.

We are fully committed to Diversity & Inclusion, and welcome applications from those in the engineering profession who share our aims and values and are suitably qualified in engineering either by the Engineering Council UK (EC UK) or equivalent overseas regulatory bodies whose standards for professional engineers are accepted by EC UK. We also hold Prospective Members’ Evenings throughout the year if you would like to come along to find out more about us.


There are two categories of membership for the Company: The Freedom, The Livery and Associates.

Historically termed Freemen and Liverymen, the preferred titles today are Members of the Freedom and Members of the Livery.  These titles better reflect the modern role of women within the City of London and its Livery Companies; the Worshipful Company of Engineers is pleased to have a number of women as members of both the Freedom and the Livery.

The Worshipful Company of Engineers is what is known as a “Closed Livery Company”.  This means that prospective members must have certain professional qualifications in order to join.  These requirements are detailed below.


Applicants are initially admitted to the Company as Members of the Freedom.

To be eligible to become a Member of the Freedom, it is necessary to be a Chartered Engineer registered with the Engineering Council UK (EC UK), or registered with an equivalent overseas regulatory body whose standards for professional engineers are accepted by EC UK.

There are reduced rates of Quarterage (the annual subscription) for Members of the Freedom below the age of 50, with the lowest rates for Members of the Freedom under 30.


To progress to the Livery, it is necessary to already to hold the Freedom of the Company.  Additionally, prospective candidates for the Livery must also have gained the Freedom of the City of London and be a Fellow of either the Royal Academy of Engineering or a Fellow of an approved professional engineering institution. The Clerk will always be pleased to advise potential applicants.

The granting of the Freedom of the City of London is conducted during a wonderful celebration at Guildhall, where family and friends can both witness and celebrate your admittance.

Election to the Livery carries with it the entitlement to attend Common Hall for the election of the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and certain other City Officers, a privilege which is the prerogative of the Livery alone.


A person who has received an award, or has been in receipt of a bursary, from the Engineers Trust and who has expressed a willingness to be associated with the Company, may be recognised as an Associate of the Company.

An Associate has no rights or privileges under the Royal Charter, Ordinances and Regulations but will be invited to attend certain Company events and such other privileges as the Court may choose to offer.


The process for joining the Company is outlined below.

These procedures enable the Court to be assured that the applicant wishes to take an active part in the Company’s activities. The processing of applications by the Clerk and Membership Committee, and when necessary a Membership Panel interview, are designed to enable early Court consideration.

The Clerk will always be pleased to advise potential applicants.




Request an application pack from the Clerk and arrange to meet with them.




Seek the support of three existing Members of the Livery as sponsors.

Two of whom must have known you for at least two years, and one must be a Court Assistant.




Your application will be checked by the Clerk to ensure that all requirements have been met.

  • If an applicant has obtained full sponsorship, the application will go first to the Membership Committee. It will then be considered by the Court where the Assistant who has sponsored the application will personally recommend its approval to the Court.
  • If an applicant has had difficulty in obtaining sponsors, or simply does not know any members, arrangements will be made for a meeting with a panel from the Membership Committee to discuss their interest in joining the Company.



If the application is approved by the Court, the applicant will be invited to attend a Court meeting to read and sign their Declaration as a Member of the Freedom Company.  This is the point at which an applicant becomes a member.

The Clerk will issue a certificate of Freedom of the Company.




If a new Member of the Freedom of the Company does not already hold the Freedom of the City of London, it will be necessary to apply to the Chamberlain’s Court in the Guildhall.

Two brief visits, usually separated by a few weeks, are required but the procedure will be explained in the letter inviting a Member of the Freedom of the Company to make their Declaration.




Once the Freedom of the City of London has been gained, members of the Company who are also either Fellows of a recognised Professional Engineering Institution or a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, will be invited to the next available Court meeting to make their Livery Declaration and be clothed in the Livery of the Company.


If you are interested in joining the Company, and are a registered Chartered Engineer, then please contact the Clerk for an application pack.