Welcome to the website of The Worshipful Company of Engineers, one of the 32 ‘modern’ livery companies in the City of London.

We are a fellowship of leading engineers (and partners) who meet, socialise and exchange cross-disciplinary thinking at prestigious city venues and support the Engineers Trust in its educational, engineering excellence, and charitable objectives.

Our members are all Chartered Engineers, and are from all the professional disciplines of engineering, technology and business. Liverymen of the Company are Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering or at least one of the Professional Engineering Institutions.

The Company works to promote and develop all aspects of the science, art and practice of engineering within a social and charitable ethos which is at the core of the Livery movement. Explore the site for more information and our blogs for informal insights through our members’ personal reflections. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Engineers’ Office.

Colonel David Swann, Clerk

Certare Ingenio – Use skills to the best of one’s abilities

Latest News


Congratulations to His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent

20 July 2020

Last Saturday, 18 July 2020, HRH The Duke of Kent celebrated the 25th anniversary of his becoming a Freeman and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

It was at the Court meeting of 18 July 1995 that His Royal Highness was admitted to both the Freedom and Livery of the Company, during the Mastership of PM Lawrence Turner OBE.  In addition, he graciously agreed to serve as a Court Assistant; which he did for the next nine years – a commitment greatly appreciated and valued by a young, modern Livery Company.  Furthermore, it was The Duke who, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, presented the Company with its first Royal Charter on 27 April 2004.

The Master has conveyed his and all members’ very best wishes to His Royal Highness’ Private Secretary; and our delight at celebrating his ‘Engineers Company Silver Jubilee’.

Winner of the 2020 MacRobert Award Announced

9 July 2020

The Royal Academy of Engineering has today announced the winner of the 2020 MacRobert Award.  The winner is:

JCB (Staffordshire) for developing and manufacturing the world’s first volume-produced fully electric digger (19C-1E), with zero exhaust emissions, improved productivity, outstanding noise and vibration characteristics and emission-free at point of use for use inside buildings. Rapid urbanisation is happening across the globe, but this is negatively impacting air quality and global warming initiatives. The JCB 19C-1E signals the beginning of a revolution in conscious construction, and is the only volume produced battery-powered excavator on the market. To date, the current fleet has saved the equivalent of 15,100kg in CO2 emissions across 5,616 hours of work.

In light of Covid-19 the Academy has arranged a panel discussion on the theme of  “Powering Net Zero Britain”, to be held 7 – 8 pm on Tuesday 21st July.    Amongst others on the Panel will be Tim Burnhope FREng, Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at JCB,  a member of the winning team.  Registrations for the event may be made through the Royal Academy Website here.

2020 MacRobert Award Winners Announced

20 June 2020

The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced the three finalists in contention for the 2020 MacRobert Award; the £50,000 prize of which is jointly funded by the Engineers Trust.  The Academy says of this year’s finalists “the shortlist recognises world-first engineering innovations developed in the UK that deliver tangible social benefits through significantly reduced environmental impact”.

The finalists are:

Babcock Liquid Gas Equipment. For the development of ecoSMRT®, a disruptive technology to dramatically improve the efficiency of transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) around the world. See more here.

Jaguar Land Rover. For the development of the I-PACE, the world’s first premium battery-electric sports utility vehicle (SUV). See more here.

JCB. For the development and manufacture of the world’s first volume produced fully electric digger (19C-1E), with zero exhaust emissions, improved productivity, outstanding noise and vibration characteristics and emission-free at point of use for use inside buildings. See more here.

The winner will be announced in July.  Good luck all!


15th Annual General Meeting (Common Hall)

13 May 2020

In these challenging times, the Worshipful Company of Engineers chalked up another first yesterday – it’s first Common Hall, or Annual General Meeting, held virtually.  72 attended and heard a comprehensive report on the previous year from the Master, Immediate Past Master, outgoing Chair of the Engineers Trust and the Honorary Treasurer.

It also provided an opportunity for 12 new Freemen to make their declarations as Freemen of the Company, ‘in front’ of many more members than would normally be the case at a Court meeting.  A screenshot of all 72 is too large to display, so just the new Freemen are shown.  The Master, Wardens and all Members congratulate: Edward Picton, Jonathan Rodgers, Stefan Kukula, Stephen Futter, Paul Mayo, Julie Wood, Neil Glover, Voytek Rzadkosz, Simon Evans, Komal Raghobur, Bryan Humphrey and Ian Raymond Joesbury on joining – you are all MOST WELCOME!


Colonel Tom Moore's Freedom of the City of London

12 May 2020

The Master, Wardens and all members of the Worshipful Company of Engineers send their heartful congratulations to Colonel Tom Moore today as he receives the Freedom of the City of London.  Once a civil engineer apprentice, he has gone on to live a rich and full life; his recent fundraising journey has been an inspiration to all.  Many congratulations!

New Officers Installed

21 April 2020

During a unique Installation Court Meeting held by video conference, the Company’s new officers for 2020-21 were installed on Tuesday evening.  They are:

Master – Professor Gordon Masterton OBE DL FREng FRSE
Senior Warden – Dr Peter Blair-Fish
Middle Warden – Mrs Audrey Canning
Junior Warden – Mr Raymond Joyce

In addition, four new Court Assistants made their declarations on joining the Court:

Mr Norman Train
Eur Ing Brian Back
Lt Gen Andrew Figgures CB CBE FREng
Mr John Owen OBE

Field Ventilator Project Gains Momentum

15 April 2020

A UK team of academic and industrial engineers, manufacturers and clinicians have developed a life-saving ventilator to treat coronavirus patients in poor and remote parts of the world. The ultra low-cost device uses a windscreen wiper motor, cam & lever system to actuate a standard Ambu-Bag to ventilate the patient. The unit is optimised to run from 12Vdc enabling it to operate in remote parts of the world on battery, solar panels or wind turbines; and if available, mains power. The Master Engineer, Commodore Barry Brooks RN, has helped to coordinate the project, which has been driven by Liverymen Prof Nachi Chockalingam and Eur Ing Brian Back from concept to prototype.