Dr Lina Huertas: Making The Future: The Opportunity In Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the lifeblood of economic growth in the UK, directly and indirectly supporting 23% of the British Economy and providing directly and indirectly over 5 million jobs, with salaries above the whole economy average. While manufacturing is the biggest contributor to emissions in the world, it is also the sector that can help create the infrastructure and products that are going to empower the future of our world, from hydrogen infrastructure, to intelligent prosthetics and advanced medical equipment.

The future is promising and digital technologies can be the fuel that accelerates and enables a better future. From supercomputing that can accelerate design, to additive manufacturing to let design freedom flourish, to smart factories and supply chains where decision makers can make fast, proactive and informed decisions, to smart products with extended lives, to completely connected product life cycles that enable a more sustainable and circular economy. All of this, accompanied by co-pilots, powered by advanced AI technology, that can work alongside humans, making technology more accessible, propelling productivity and empowering humans to achieve more than ever before.

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