About Us

The Worshipful Company of Engineers - A Modern Livery Company for Chartered Engineers

We are a modern livery company of senior, leading engineers from industry and academia representing the full diversity of today’s engineering; a fellowship which aims to enhance the future engineering wellbeing of the nation.

Through our high-quality formal and social functions (most with partners) at prestigious venues in the City and wider afield, we share professional engineering knowledge with lectures, visits and networking events.

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Our charitable trust, the Engineers Trust, recognises, supports and promotes engineering excellence, and the education of engineers through awards and bursaries.

We also promote engineering through our interaction with other Livery Companies, the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and others in the City of London.

“Our charitable trust, the Engineers Trust, recognises, supports and promotes engineering excellence, and the education of engineers through awards and bursaries.”

Picture – aero engine courtesy Rolls Royce PLC

The Worshipful Company of Engineers is in the City of London Livery Companies list at 94th precedence as a ‘modern’ company after its formation in 1983. The Company now has over 300 members, both men and women Chartered Engineers, who live and work throughout the United Kingdom including some overseas and cover all branches of the engineering disciplines. In 2004, The Worshipful Company of Engineers became the first livery company to receive a Royal Charter for 47 years.

The Company’s Royal Charter states that, “The objects and intention of the Worshipful Company of Engineers shall be to promote the development and advancement of the science, art and practice of engineering for the benefit of the public and to afford means of professional and social intercourse and the exchange of information between Members of the Company, those who practice engineering and those who benefit therefrom”. To further these objectives, the Company organises an extensive programme of events including lectures, technical visits and social functions, and works closely with, and complements the activities of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Engineering Council (UK) and the professional engineering institutions.

Through its own Charitable Trust fund, the Company gives awards, prizes and grants to support and encourage excellence amongst qualified engineers and those training to be Chartered Engineers, Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians. For more information on these please visit The Engineers Trust website. There are annual awards for excellence to students as well as to the Services which include ones for engineering training, operations in the field and technical support to the UK’s Armed Forces. One-off grants are considered for the relief of financial hardship undermining the completion of engineering degrees and to support other worthwhile charitable causes, especially those with a professional engineering character. The Company is a Patron of RedR – Engineers for Disaster Relief and International Health Exchange. The Company is also involved in all the major civic activities and one of the duties of a Liveryman is to elect the Sheriffs and nominate candidates for election to the office of Lord Mayor in the City of London.