Our Women Engineers: Dawn Bonfield

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June we have gathered these short biographies of some of our amazing female members. Scroll down to read inspiring stories from 25 of the most influential engineers of today.

Engineers in the Movies: Master Gordon Masterton

We’re inching out of lockdown Britain but a night at the movies might be some distance away. Streaming movies, Blu-Rays and DVDs may be our only ways to enjoy a good film for a while yet. Here is my list of films (not documentaries) that feature engineers as characters to inspire your choice of viewing … Continued

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion: Master Gordon Masterton

Whilst we are still under the lockdown of Covid-19, another critical issue has come under the spotlight from the unnecessary and avoidable death of one man in Minneapolis. But behind that incident lies the far deeper malaise of racism. This has resulted in protests across the world, including London, and an outpouring of grief for … Continued

Chaplain’s Ramblings! Reverend Peter Hartley

As I look out from our house on our garden, I am beginning to notice this year more of how plants – and weeds! – are growing. We have been confined in our house for 2 months now, I being on the Government’s list of vulnerable people – and it’s frustrating! Several other Liverymen are … Continued