Hiding from Covid: by Liveryman David Shillito

Being typical of the 70+ “vulnerable” generation, my main interest in the Covid-19 pandemic lies simply in how to avoid catching it. So, following the example of our political leaders, I looked into the “science” of the transmission of the virus, only to be underwhelmed and sadly disappointed with the information I have found so … Continued

A Generous Act of Kindness: Master Gordon Masterton

The Company is most sincerely grateful to our Liveryman and Past Lord Mayor of London, Sir Francis (Frank) McWilliams and his family, who have very kindly donated the handsome model of Ironbridge that was presented to Frank by the Company in 1992 on his accession to high office as Lord Mayor. It is a splendid … Continued

Talent Retention in a Covid-19 Economy: Master Gordon Masterton

Covid-19 will rebalance the job market, but… As we slowly emerge from total lockdown, businesses are assessing the impact on their employment needs in the Covid-19 economy. For some, that has meant redundancies have been announced, never a pleasant step to take for an employer but devastating for an employee. Some will take the opportunity … Continued