A Company Library: Master Gordon Masterton

We are very proud of our talented and productive members, not least through the books they have written. Those listed below constitute a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge of science and engineering, and in some cases, other fields. It is said that everyone has a book in them, so perhaps this impressive catalogue … Continued

London’s Lost Underground Stations: PM Dr David Johnson

London’s underground railways date back to 1863 (being cut and cover construction) and the first tunnelled deep tube line, the City and South London Railway (CSLR), opened in 1890. This line ran between Stockwell and its city terminus (and railway company headquarters) in King William Street, which was the first Underground station to close in … Continued

The “Engineers Hymn”: Chaplain Peter Hartley

A hymn that the Company has used from time to time at the Annual Service is known, colloquially, as the “Engineers Hymn!” It was, in fact, written by Richard Jones and appeared in some church hymn books from the 1970’s onwards. I’d never heard it before I joined the Company as Chaplain, but our decorator … Continued