Livery Climate Action Group: Master Gordon Masterton

The City and Corporation of London launched a Climate Action Strategy in late 2020. It sets out a series of Actions in three areas to: Support the achievement of net zero greenhouse gas emissions Build climate resilience Champion sustainable growth By then, we had already demonstrated commitment to promoting net zero carbon through our seminars … Continued

Launch of HMS Anson

Our affiliated submarine, HMS ANSON, has been launched at BAESystems Barrow In normal circumstances, the Company would have been invited to join the crowds to witness two important milestones in the life of our affiliated submarine, HMS ANSON: Mrs Weale, wife of the former Rear Admiral Submarines, RAdm John Weale, formally named the submarine as … Continued

How the Brunel Dynasty engineered the City of London: Liveryman Martin Knights

The Thames Tunnel built during the first part of the 1800’s is an international landmark project which celebrates the world’s first subaqueous tunnel; and is the birthplace of tunnelling that has shaped cities all over the globe. The huge 18m diameter machines that now build our urban underground infrastructure are based on engineering inspiration and … Continued

The Chaplain’s Easter Message to the Livery

‘Spring is Sprung’ and, as you can see, the daffodils are out in full force in West Sussex. The picture is of Gravetye Manor – a country hotel – with a garden originally designed by William Robinson in the 1880’s. The grass, with its daffodils, slopes down to the lake. [the picture doesn’t really do … Continued

More Chaplain’s Ramblings!

Well into our third Lock-down and it’s easy to get fed up and weary with it all. Nothing like as quiet as the first one and traffic levels are reputedly only a little less than normal, so there is still a lot of movement by lots of people. Friends say “well, we’re nearly there and … Continued

That Was 2020 – That Was: Master Gordon Masterton

Was 2020 a year to remember or a year to forget? Most of us would say the latter. It’s easy to find the downsides in 2020, harder to find the upsides, especially if grief has become personal. But many have also made big transitions in their lives: got married, changed jobs, received their exam results, … Continued

Engineering Ethics: Liveryman Prof David Bogle

We Engineers like to think of ourselves as working ethically. The good news is that a recent IPSOS-MORI survey found that 89% of the public trust engineers, putting us third highest in the list behind only nurses and doctors. But a few high profile disasters – notably Grenfell Tower, the 737Max control system failure and … Continued

London Bridge: PM Richard Groome

Past Master Richard’s interest in the story of London Bridge had a great deal of personal affinity; his father Leonard (one of our Founding Members) had been the City of London’s project engineer for the latest bridge, and Richard had assisted as a teenager in putting old London Bridge stones into crates to send to … Continued

More Chaplain’s Ramblings

A further lock-down has now started, certainly for those of us in England. This will affect some members who might just have been plucking up courage to go out a bit more, even if only to eat in a local pub! Fiona and I are definitely in that category; but the need to be vigilant … Continued

London would be a flatter place without Lifts: Liveryman David Cooper

The first skyscraper (for present purposes, a building over 100 metres in height) within the City of London boundary was the original St Paul’s Cathedral, the spire of which was 150 metres tall and the tallest building in London from 1310 to 1666 when it succumbed to the Great Fire of London. After a short … Continued

A Company Library: Master Gordon Masterton

We are very proud of our talented and productive members, not least through the books they have written. Those listed below constitute a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge of science and engineering, and in some cases, other fields. It is said that everyone has a book in them, so perhaps this impressive catalogue … Continued

London’s Lost Underground Stations: PM Dr David Johnson

London’s underground railways date back to 1863 (being cut and cover construction) and the first tunnelled deep tube line, the City and South London Railway (CSLR), opened in 1890. This line ran between Stockwell and its city terminus (and railway company headquarters) in King William Street, which was the first Underground station to close in … Continued

The “Engineers Hymn”: Chaplain Peter Hartley

A hymn that the Company has used from time to time at the Annual Service is known, colloquially, as the “Engineers Hymn!” It was, in fact, written by Richard Jones and appeared in some church hymn books from the 1970’s onwards. I’d never heard it before I joined the Company as Chaplain, but our decorator … Continued

Hiding from Covid: by Liveryman David Shillito

Being typical of the 70+ “vulnerable” generation, my main interest in the Covid-19 pandemic lies simply in how to avoid catching it. So, following the example of our political leaders, I looked into the “science” of the transmission of the virus, only to be underwhelmed and sadly disappointed with the information I have found so … Continued

A Generous Act of Kindness: Master Gordon Masterton

The Company is most sincerely grateful to our Liveryman and Past Lord Mayor of London, Sir Francis (Frank) McWilliams and his family, who have very kindly donated the handsome model of Ironbridge that was presented to Frank by the Company in 1992 on his accession to high office as Lord Mayor. It is a splendid … Continued

Talent Retention in a Covid-19 Economy: Master Gordon Masterton

Covid-19 will rebalance the job market, but… As we slowly emerge from total lockdown, businesses are assessing the impact on their employment needs in the Covid-19 economy. For some, that has meant redundancies have been announced, never a pleasant step to take for an employer but devastating for an employee. Some will take the opportunity … Continued

Unlocking London: PM Isobel Pollock-Hulf

A photographic essay of London preparing to unlock from the lockdown. Image Credits: all images – Isobel Pollock-Hulf, July 2020.

Covid-19 and Future Infrastructure and Cities: Master Gordon Masterton

When I first took the Chair of Future Infrastructure at the University of Edinburgh I vowed never to attempt to predict the future. “It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”1. All predictions made pre-Covid-19 would testify to that. But adapting to a Covid-19 state is certainly going to be necessary unless and until … Continued

Our Associates in Lockdown

These short essays by four of our Associates reveal the day-to-day impact that Covid-19 has had on their working lives. We have a growing cohort of Associates drawn from prizewinners in one of the many award schemes funded by the Engineers Trust. They are outstanding examples of the future of engineering. Liveryman James Dickaty Khouloud … Continued

Our Women Engineers: Dawn Bonfield

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June we have gathered these short biographies of some of our amazing female members. Scroll down to read inspiring stories from 25 of the most influential engineers of today.

Engineers in the Movies: Master Gordon Masterton

We’re inching out of lockdown Britain but a night at the movies might be some distance away. Streaming movies, Blu-Rays and DVDs may be our only ways to enjoy a good film for a while yet. Here is my list of films (not documentaries) that feature engineers as characters to inspire your choice of viewing … Continued

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion: Master Gordon Masterton

Whilst we are still under the lockdown of Covid-19, another critical issue has come under the spotlight from the unnecessary and avoidable death of one man in Minneapolis. But behind that incident lies the far deeper malaise of racism. This has resulted in protests across the world, including London, and an outpouring of grief for … Continued

Chaplain’s Ramblings! Reverend Peter Hartley

As I look out from our house on our garden, I am beginning to notice this year more of how plants – and weeds! – are growing. We have been confined in our house for 2 months now, I being on the Government’s list of vulnerable people – and it’s frustrating! Several other Liverymen are … Continued

A Tour of Empty London: PM Isobel Pollock-Hulf

On my daily walks in central London, finding empty places is proving less easy as the warm weather encourages people out from their self-isolation. There are lots of walkers, runners and cyclists all around. Public transport is still very empty as more people return to work using their own cars. Perhaps they will finish the … Continued