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Welcome to the City of London Engineering Hall of Fame

A collaboration of the Worshipful Companies of Ironmongers, Armourers & Brasiers, Shipwrights,

Scientific Instrument Makers, Engineers, Information Technologists and Water Conservators

This Engineering Hall of Fame celebrates and honours those engineers from, or closely associated with, the City of London who have achieved, or deserve to achieve, greatness. The genius and skills of many engineers have contributed to the success of the City of London by creating a safe, healthy, well-connected and inspiring place in which to live and work. The wealth creation, trade, commerce and business created from their inventions and entrepreneurship has benefitted the City and the world. Some of these engineers may be familiar. Others may be less well known. This site will give you new insights into the lives of inspiring engineers who have changed London – and the world – for the better.

About the Hall of Fame

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A message from the Right Honourable Alderman Sir William Russell, Lord Mayor of London 2019-21

When Lord Mayor of the City of London I was delighted to see seven of our Livery Companies collaborating on an initiative that tells the story of engineering contributions to the success of the Square Mile. Some of these engineers are unsung heroes and heroines whose work created the fabric of what we take for granted – the transport, water, communications, and energy infrastructure of a vibrant city as a safe and healthy place to live, work and play. Others are better known entrepreneurs and inventors who created new opportunities for trade and employment benefitting the City’s financial sector and raising London’s standing as a global hub of trade and commerce.

And what is certain is that professional engineers will continue to  be essential contributors to the sustainability of our City as it transitions to Net Zero Carbon by 2040″.

At the inaugural induction, the Master Engineer, Professor Gordon Masterton, OBE DL, said:

In this first selection, every home nation of the United Kingdom is represented, plus Germany and Poland, and this is so typical of the City of London, a melting pot of nations where people from diverse backgrounds are welcomed and gain skills and talents to improve their own prospects, to the benefit of us all. What a testament to the City, and to engineering, that through this lens there also happens to be such wide diversity.

All of them are outstanding role models for young aspiring engineers, and we hope their stories will inform the City and the public of what engineers contribute to make the City work – for good.”

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