Benefits of membership

Membership of the Company provides a link to the traditions and activities of the City of London and Livery movement, charitable activities including prizes and awards for engineers developing their careers, multi-disciplinary engineering activities and social events for members and partners.

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership of the Company: Freeman and Liveryman.

Freemen are Chartered Engineers registered with the Engineering Council UK (ECUK), or registered with such other overseas regulatory bodies whose standards for professional engineers are accepted by ECUK, and are approved by the Court of Assistants.  There are reduced rates of Quarterage (the annual subscription) for Freemen below the age of 50, with the cheapest rates for Freeman under 30.

Liverymen are Freemen of the Company, Freemen of the City of London and Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering or Fellows of an approved professional engineering institution.


Newly clothed Liveryman (Robb Eadie) shaking hands with the then Master Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf at the Court Meeting in March 2017

Procedures for applying for membership

If you are interested in applying for membership

  • Contact the Clerk by email to ask for an application pack, which includes an application form,  and list of members
  • In due course, an on-line application form will be available, but in the meantime seek the support of three Liverymen as sponsors, two of whom must have known you for at least two years. One sponsor must be an Assistant of the Court.  The List of Members will help identify individuals for sponsorship.

After the application has been checked by the Clerk to ensure that all requirements have been met

  • If an applicant has obtained full sponsorship, the application will go first to the Membership Committee and then be considered by the Court when the Assistant who has sponsored the application will personally recommend its approval to the Court.
  • If an applicant has had difficulty in obtaining sponsors, arrangements will be made for an initial interview with the Clerk and, either on the same or at a later date, with a Membership Panel; the Panel members can then, effectively, become the applicant’s sponsors. Thereafter, the procedure is as above.

These procedures enable the Court to be assured that the applicant wishes to take an active part in the Company’s activities. The processing of applications by the Clerk and Membership Committee, (and when necessary, Membership Panel interview) are designed to enable early Court consideration.

If the application is approved by the Court, the applicant will be invited either to attend a Court meeting to read and sign their Declaration as a Freeman of the Company, or, if that is not practical, to meet the Clerk or Chairman of the Membership Committee, in the Company’s London office, to make the written Declaration necessary to become a Freeman of the Company. The Clerk will issue a certificate of Freedom of the Company.

If a new Freeman of the Company is not already a Freeman of the City of London, it will be necessary to apply to the Chamberlain’s Court in the Guildhall. Two brief visits, usually separated by a few weeks, are required but the procedure will be explained in the letter inviting a Freeman to make their Declaration. When the Declaration is made in the Office, Freemen will be encouraged to arrange their first Guildhall appointment on the same day. Once eligible, namely a Freeman of the City of London, and Fellow of a recognised PEI or Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Freeman will be invited to the next available Court meeting to be clothed in the Livery.

The Clerk will always be pleased to advise potential applicants.